Our Restaurants

Many times, the culinary and cultural background of local eateries is questionable. One thing that we can assure you is the quality gained through 3 generations of culinary experience . Coming from Italian and Argentinean decent, we have infused the two to form an Incredible culinary background for your selection.

Starting out small with a deli and catering business in queens for 10 years, the business began to expand with a higher demand.Soon after the Navarro family opened a pizzeria in the heart of the buzzing city of Manhattan for 5 more years. It was then time to expand and to Florida and take the catering business to greater heights. Soon after, the catering business branched out to Florida and opened a banquet hall and Italian restaurant for 10 years of ownership.

Large amounts of traveling and culture studies all over Italy and Southern Europe were done to develop, research, and master the wood fire chicken concept.

Servicing suffolk county for over 15 years, Pita and Pizza has gained the name of the town favorite. Providing home made recipes that have been in our family for generations, we are thrilled to share our taste of home with you.

Our restaurants are a development of changing times and increasing demand of variety in our menus. We consider ourselves not just as an Italian restaurant but an eclectic and original collection of amazing and unique eateries.